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The Power of Faith and Therapy: Nurturing Wholeness and Resilience

In our complex and often challenging world, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves seeking solace, guidance, and a path towards wholeness. At Victorious Beginnings, LLC, we understand the profound impact that faith and therapy can have on individuals, couples, and families. Our founder and CEO, Nichole Henderson, has dedicated her life to bridging the gap between faith and mental well-being, providing a unique approach that empowers individuals to overcome life’s hurdles.

Why Faith Matters

Faith, in all its forms, serves as a guiding light. It can be the unwavering belief that there’s hope beyond despair, that there’s purpose in our existence, and that there’s a path to healing. Nichole, an endorsed Christian counselor, integrates faith seamlessly into her therapeutic approach, leading to spiritual growth and improved self-identity. For many, faith is the cornerstone of resilience, and Nichole is here to help you nurture that faith.

The Healing Power of Therapy

Therapy is not a sign of weakness; it’s an act of courage and self-care. Nichole’s background in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy, combined with her B.S. in Business Administration, allows her to provide a unique blend of evidence-based therapy. At Victorious Beginnings, we offer person-centered and solution-focused therapy that assists you in navigating the complexities of life

A Partner on Your Journey

Nichole’s unwavering commitment to unconditional acceptance and dedication has made her a trusted partner on the journey to wholeness and relationship permanency. She doesn’t just preach; she lives her beliefs. Having faced her own challenges, she understands your struggles, and she’s here to guide you towards a victorious lifestyle.

Faith and therapy can be transformative, helping you conquer fear and embrace a life filled with purpose, resilience, and hope. Our approach at Victorious Beginnings, LLC, isn’t just about healing; it’s about thriving. We invite you to explore the endless possibilities that faith and therapy can offer. Whether you seek spiritual growth, improved self-identity, or mental wellness, we’re here to support you on your journey. Join us in discovering the beauty of faith and therapy, and how it can lead to a life of victory.

About Nichole

Nichole Henderson is the founder and CEO of Victorious Beginnings, LLC.

She started She started her independent private practice in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012 and is where she has consistently delivered an extraordinary level of quality faith-based services to families, individuals, couples and groups.

She attributes her success in mental and behavioral health services to her unique ability to engage in unconditional acceptance and dedication to individuals who seek resiliency, wholeness and relationship permanency.

Nichole offers person centered and solution focused therapy with evidence-based principles to help clients navigate their complex worlds.

Not only does Nichole hold a B.S in Business Administration and a M.A. in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy, but she is endorsed as a Christian counselor who is able to provide spiritual guidance that leads to spiritual growth, improved identify, as well as spiritual and mental wellness.

Additionally, Nichole facilitates long standing emotional support groups, has an active volunteer life and serves as a lay pastor to dedicated church leaders, parishioners and church members in Texas and Nevada.

Nichole‘s adamant belief that faith plus action kills fear doesn’t only show up in her work with her clients, but truly is the cornerstone of how she lives her own life. Having traversed her own valleys with the same tools, insights and divine guidance is how Nichole is able to relate to and ultimately help individuals obtain a victorious lifestyle themselves…and, humbly speaking – why so many seek her out exclusively.

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”

― Booker T. Washington

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